Maggie Laubser
Wood Carrier
cat and marigolds
Hibiscus and Cat
The Wood Carrier
(Eastern Free State Landscape),
oil on canvas, initialed; 40 x 45 cm.
Cat and Marigolds (Kat en Gousblomme),
oil on board, signed and dated 1932;
55 x 60 cm.
Cat and Hibiscus (Kat en Hibiskus),
oil on board, signed;
54 x 60 cm. 

Huts with Figures and Sheep
Pumpkin, Pears and Flowers
Huts, Figures and Sheep in a Landscape,
oil on board, initialed; 47 x 48 cm.
Still Life of Pumpkin, Pears and Flowers,
oil on canvas, initialed; 39 x 44 cm.

Fishing Boats on the Beach
still life of poppies
Little Fishermen's Houses
Boats on Water,
Pencil and watercolour, initialled;
21 x 27 cm.
Still Life of Poppies,
oil on canvas,
signed and dated 1929;
44 x 43 cm. 
Cape Seaside Scene,
pencil and watercolour, initialled;
21 x 27 cm.

Two Flamingos
Boats and Flamingos,
coloured pencil and pastel, initialled;
38 x 43 cm.

Mother and Child,
oil on board,
45 x 40 cm.
Mother and Child

The Goose   Irises
Irises in a Beermug,
oil on canvas laid down on board,
signed with the artist's initials
and dated '20;
49 x 33,5cm.
Goose and Arum Lilies,
oil on canvas,
signed (also signed and inscribed with the title on a label pasted on the reverse);
47 x 57 cm.
    Still Life with Poppies,
oil on cardboard,
signed and indistinctly dated '20,
signed, dated '21 and inscribed 'Stellenbosch' on brown paper on the reverse;
33.5 x 39.5 cm.
Trees at Lake with Boat
Trees at Lake with Boat,
oil on card, signed and dated '21;
29 x 35cm.