Sydney Kumalo
Mythological Rider
Seated Maiden
Mythological Horse and Rider II
Mythological Rider,
1970, bronze casting posthumously,
ed. 8/10 1997;
69 x 54 x 30cm.
Seated Zulu Maiden,
circa 1970,
bronze casting,
ed. 1/5 1997;
84 x 42 x 42cm.
Mythological Rider II,
bronze casting posthumously,
ed. 3/7 1997;
112 x 75 x 16cm.

Ndebele Queen
Man and Beast
Love and Peace
Nedebele Queen,
bronze casting posthumously,
ed. 1/5 1997;
120 x 30 x 20cm.
Man and Beast,
1975, bronze casting posthumously,
ed. 4/5 1997; 75 x 87 x 40cm.
Love and Peace,
bronze casting,
ed. 2/5 1973;
96 x 36 x 32cm. .

Squat Head,
bronze casting with dark brown patina, signed, dated and numbered VII/X;
39 cm (height excluding base).
Frog Demon,
bronze casting (London),
circa 1966;
23 x 21 23cm.
The Leopard
The Leopard,
bronze casting posthumously,
ed. 2/5 1997; 30 x 60 x 34cm.

Praise Singer I
1987, bronze casting posthumously,
ed. 3/3 1997; 93 x 56 x 22cm..
Praise Singer
squat head Frog Demon

Horse and Rider
The Beast
  wise man
A horse and rider,
bronze casting,
signed, ed. 1/5 circa 1970;
45 x 26 x 36cm.
The Beast,
bronze casting (London), ed. 1/4,
inscribed on the left leg ‘Kumalo’,
circa 1966; 20 x 15 x 41cm.
  Wise Man
bronze casting on a wooden base,
signed, ed. 4/5,
92,5cm high.

Mourning Woman
Seated Woman
  St Francis   Horse and Rider
Mourning Woman,
terrazzo stoneware and terracotta, 1962;
60 x 20 x 14cm.
Seated Woman,
bronze with black patina,
mounted on a marble base,
signed with the artist’s initials and numbered,
ed. 7/10 1962;
59cm (height including base).

  St. Francis,
bronze casting plus base in polished wood,
edition of 10 circa 1961;
63 x 17 x 13.5cm



Horse and Rider,
bronze casting with black and verdigris patina,
mounted on a marble base,
ed 2/5, signed and dated '73;
75cm (height including base).